Thursday, 29 March 2012


 I made my first bread from my sourdough starter (which i started fermenting 2 days ago). I actually made this dough in the bread maker as my end goal is to make daily sourdough bread in the bread maker. They came out pretty well and most importantly, they rose! The sourdough flavour was quite subtle but definitely there and the crust was super crunchy, so a bit of tweaking needed but still a success. The rolls went perfectly with the rest of my dinner, red lentil dahl

with a side of steamed broccoli topped with lemon oil and chopped almonds. Isn't it pretty?

What a wonderful day today, i caught up on some housework then spent the early afternoon with other mums and bubs having a 'messy play' date. Today we made slime using cornflour and water and stripped the bubs off and let them go for it! Don't worry it was all done outside and it looked like a paint bomb had hit! So much fun and then an outside bath for them all to clean up, i'm pretty sure it was my bub's idea of a perfect day.
Then arriving home my little man was exhausted and had a champion 2 and a half hours sleep. Giving his mama some time to potter around, relax and catch up on a few things like

these carrot spice cookies i made from last night. Very important stuff.
Take care people. xx
Oh and i just started week 3 of the couch to 5k program! yay!

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