Tuesday, 20 March 2012

step by step

I was born into a family that lived a life of convenience. Plastic wrapped, pre -prepared, sachet mixing family. Vegetables were an over boiled necessity eaten because we had to not because it tasted like anything good. Meals were made out of packets, many things were disposable and refined to an inch of their life. As i got older i recognised both that my mum had a lot on her plate with 5 children and did what she needed to take care of us all. We were fed, clothed and loved. But i also realise how damaging this type of lifestyle can be to ourselves, our families and our environment. Because of this over the years i have strived to change my thinking and behavior about how i eat and live to make myself and the planet healthier.

I think if you have been born into this type of lifestyle you will understand the challenges that come with trying to reprogram your thinking. Sometimes i get so overwhelmed with all the things i feel i should be doing that i get overwhelmed and do nothing at all. I've been ready Rhonda's blog at down to earth and recently she talked about making small changes in your life that suit where you are now. She really is inspiring and this idea really resonated with me. And i'm so glad the simple living police won't be turning up. I want to cook everything from scratch, buy organic, use cloth nappies, make my own bread, yoghurt, cleaners and clothes. I want to recycle and reuse more, exercise more, garden more, work with my herbs, do more sewing and on an on it goes! Anyone else have a headache yet?

 So instead of trying to do everything and often stopping and starting these changes and eventually giving up in frustration. I've decided that each month i will try to make a few small changes to my life and stick to it. I'm hoping this way i won't become too overwhelmed by it all.

So for whats left of March i'm going to
- Start trialling cloth nappies (yes confession time, i have never used them!). I've bought a couple of cheap pairs of MCN (modern cloth nappies) and will aim to replace all disposable nappies i can each day with them.
- Make sure at least 25% of our purchased meat is organic and free range. This may not sound like a lot but around here organic meat is at least double the price of regular if not more so this is a small change to suit the budget until i can find a cheaper source and increase this.
- Cut out the coke zero, again confession time, i may have a small addiction to the terrible stuff.
- Continue with my couch to 5k program

So very small changes but achieveable and manageable for everything i'm balancing in my life at the moment with bub, home and work. I have sooooo many other things i want to put on this list but i will resist and focus on just this for now.
Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel you should do? Anyone what to join me with making a few small changes every month?

Take care everyone. xxx

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