Sunday, 4 March 2012

Home of the braise

Ok so cheesy title and i live nowhere near America but it seemed fitting. Here in NZ braising is not something we really grew up with. In fact i had my first braised pot roast only a couple of years ago and wow it was amazing! So today the better half and i decided to try making some braised lamb shanks. We are lucky enough to have a freezer full of lamb and hoggett at the moment which we purchased whole and had butchered. So a quick search turned up a yummy looking recipe from Amateur gourmet, one of my favourite stops for fool proof recipes. The recipe was actually for brisket but we adapted it a bit for the shanks. So we started with a herb rub on the lamb overnight. (Vegetarians you may want to look away now).

                                Then the sauteing of the veges, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, herbs and chillies.
 Then into the pot for a long simmer with some stock and dark beer ( i had to cheat slightly due to the lack of time and pressured cooked it).

Then tada! Dinner, slow, tender lamb with a rich flavoured jus. A side of potatoes, broccoli and salad and it was just perfect. So perfect i forgot to take a photo before i finished most of the veges. Even better there is heaps of leftovers for lunches and tomorrows dinner. I love meals that mean you don't to cook again the next day. More time for baby cuddling! How was your weekend? Anything yummy cooking at your place?
Take care peoples xx

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