Saturday, 10 March 2012

Babies near my heart

I had no inspiration today for a blog and then inspiration arrived in my letterbox. My order from Olive Bay Designs turned up and brightened my day. I first came across these beautiful necklaces when my son was a few weeks old and would spend hazy days and nights feeding, cuddling and surfing the net to keep myself awake. My first purchase was a special one for me as 6 months before becoming pregnant with my son i had been pregnant previously but experienced an ectopic pregnancy. I was so upset and had always intended to do something to mark that little life that could have been, but after i had recovered i could never decide what to do. Seeing these necklaces i knew that this was the thing i wanted to do so i could always carry my babies near my heart.

One grey pearl for my first pregnancy, one blue pearl for my son and one white pearl for future possibilities, with a mama bird close by to love, care and nurture. It really is lovely isn't it? Monique is one talented lady and is wonderful at customising pieces to your needs.
So you can understand why i had to return for a second piece at some point and today it arrived.

This one is called babies on a branch. I didn't have any particular reason for choosing this one other than thinking it was just gorgeous. Such a beautiful delicate piece that sits high on the neck just as i like it. I think all mama's need something lovely just for themselves sometimes and this piece has definately lifted my spirits today.
Take care of yourselves and each other xx

Note - I haven't been paid in any way to write this i just wanted to share one of the many lovely things that are being made out there by talented, creative people.


  1. Wow, those are beautiful. I haven't seen anything like them before. :-)

  2. I also had Monique design me a special necklace. It is 10 'eggs' in a nest, to symbolise my husband, myself, and our eight children. It is beautiful, and so, so special to me. It is important to 'mark the little life that could have been', and I intend going back for a second piece, to do the same for my two that could have been.

    1. Yes they are special pieces, im hoping to get a goddess necklace next. I agree it is important to mark the special moments and souls. 10 eggs! well done!!