Thursday, 8 August 2013

The best kind of collaboration

I love a collaborative project and this has been my favorite so far.

My little 2 year old often tags along fabric shopping and quite enjoys looking at all the patterns with mummy. On our most recent trip to the local kid friendly quilt shop he found some fabric with diggers, planes, trains and helicopters on it. So just like mummy does he picked up the whole bolt and walked over to the counter and pushed it over for the lady to cut. And if that wasn't cute enough he then went back for the other designs he liked too.

My goodness i just melted, too cute for words, and yes mummy folded and bought some. It was good timing actually as he's nearly ready to go into a big bed and i'd been planning on sewing him a single bed quilt.

So home we toddled and over the next week we have had so much fun, getting out the fabric and playing with it. I cut all the squares out and Cohen's job is to hand them to me to sew.

It's been a lot of fun sewing with my little boy and i love his enjoyment of the fabric and the process.

Plenty of fun, laughter and a little bit of time for mummy to indulge her hobbies too. 
Have a great week everyone and hopefully we'll have the finished project to show you soon.