Friday, 16 March 2012

Red riot

I love meals that are as much of a joy to look at as they are to eat. I love bright vibrant colours which lift my spirits and let me know they're full of nutrients and goodness. This recipe fits all those criteria.

 Look at those colours shine! Purple cabbage and red beetroot make a stunning combination.

 Add some chopped onion and fresh coriander
Mix in a simple chilli and lemon dressing.
 Top with sunflower seeds
And dig in! Totally yummy, crunchy, zesty and fresh.
And what better to follow them up with but some freshly baked banana, oat and jam muffins. A nice way to spend a Friday night curled up on the sofa with some stitching, hot cocoa and a delicious sweet treat.
On another note i attended my first embroidery guild meeting last night and it was so inspiring to see what those talented ladies were producing. Time to dust off some beautiful embroidery threads in my cupboard and get inspired. The threads and i will see you tomorrow.
Take care everyone. xx

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