Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bush babies

What a wonderful way to spend one of the last hot days of summer, bush walking with my playcentre group. The sun today was really hot, so we donned hats and sunblock and met up with all the other mums at the local park which has a lovely native bush area at one end. Such beautiful trees, i love looking at huge trees and thinking about all the things that have happened in the time they have stood. I wonder what they would say if they could talk?

 Pram train
 My curious little man loves looking at everything around him.

The walk back home. Looking at that sky, isn't it amazing. It's just one of those days where i want to stand and stare at everything in wonder. Mother nature can produce some truly spectuclar sights. We are so lucky here in NZ to have such a temperate climate. Although where i live it isn't uncommon to have all seasons in a day. Brilliant sun, then torrential rain and thunderstorms all in the same morning aren't unusual, but i love that too. I hope wherever you are today and whatever you are doing you take a moment to enjoy the wonder around you, breathe and be thankful, i know i am.
Take care everyone.

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