Monday, 26 March 2012

Bread geek glee!

Yay! look what was waiting for me when i got home! Squeee!

 My order arrived from my bread today. I only found them last week and was excited to try all the different things they have on offer, especially the sourdough starter. I've made sourdough before from scratch using wild yeast and fed it lovingly but let's just say i know what happens when it goes baaaaaaaaaddd. Sourdough starter goes bad like nothing else i've ever experienced. I woke up one morning and sniffed and thought 'oh no' the cat must have poo'd in the house and it must be feeling really unwell. So i got up and gingerly went to investigate but couldn't find the source of the smell despite an extensive search. But eventually i did find it when i opened the cupboard that contained my sourdough starter. Dear goodness the smell was horrific! I had to tie a towel around my face and run it to the toilet to get rid of it. Needless to say i went off sourdough for a bit and decided next time a controlled starter would be the way to go.
Wish me luck, i might need it!

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