Monday, 5 March 2012

Home sweet smelling home

I love a good scent. The right scent can lift your day and make you feel peaceful or invigorated or calm and relaxed. Aromatherapy is a long time passion of mine and i love to mix a scent to suit my day. I love the traditional cottage scents of rose, lavendar and lily of the valley. They bring back wonderful memories of childhood and my grandparents. I also really enjoy earthy scents of patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh and basil, they make me feel so grounded and relaxed. With this love of scents comes a bounty of beautifully scented gifts such as soaps, potpourri's, creams and oils, all of which i love and indulge in. I also often get given reed diffusers and my home is beautifully scented for about a month. But at the end of that month i'm often left with an empty bottle and reeds which get thrown out. It seems like such a waste so this month i thought i would try making my own reed diffuser scent.
So a quick discussion with Mr Google turned up a few options. Many recipes call for mineral oil which sounds like the best option but i didn't have any available so i thought i would try an alternative.

                                          Almond oil, alcohol and rose and lavender essential oils.

                                                                    A good mix

                                                            And some ribbon for prettiness

And its all done, the scent is quite pleasant but i'm not sure the scent will last, i made it a couple of days ago and the scent doesn't seem to diffuse the way the bought one did. I'm thinking maybe i do need to use a lighter oil like mineral oil next time. In the meantime a quick stir helps release the scent, so not too bad for a first go!
Bye for now xx


  1. Fantastic! Your home must be smelling gorgeous right now and I completely understand the obsession with using different scents for different days. Have you studied aromatherapy? I have been tossing up the idea of returning to study and this was on my shortlist of courses to investigate. Any tips would be gratefully appreciated :).

    Btw, sorry for the late reply but you are very welcome to have a copy of the borage image I photographed last week. x

    1. Hi Christine, I studied herbal medicine for three years and part of that training included aromatherapy although only on a basic level. It's funny i'm a very scientific person i like to know the why and how of everything, but for aromatherapy i usually run purely on instinct. I know in NZ it's easy to do aromatherapy courses as distance learning with only a few practical days on site which can make study easier. And thanks i'll nip back and grab a copy of that amazing borage. Take care