Thursday, 15 March 2012


That seems to be what my life is all about these days - juggling. I used to be a list person (and at work i still am) but at home with my son i'm having to find new ways to balance my day. With meeting the needs of my little man and managing the home my own interests have taken a definite back seat. I find it so hard to do things for myself in the day, even just 15 minutes of doing my own thing. But by the time ive sorted the dishes and housework that just can't wait and prepped meals, i'm back in mummy duty again before it all starts again. I read many blogs in particular Soulemama, Slow living essentials and Gooseberry Jam and marvel at the organisation of these women who have multiple children, yet manage to do crafts and preserving and in some cases homeschool. It's amazing and gives me hope that it's just about finding the right way to balance things. So today taking inspiration from Amanda Soule's recent knitting while bathing the kids post i thought i would try some craft while caring for my son. It was somewhat entertaining as he love's to help by taste testing all the fabric and climbing all over his mama and giggling.

It was lovely, not overly productive, but just the right balance. I was there with him, present and attentive and in the gaps while he played i got to do something for me. Success! I'm actually looking forward to having him rolling around in my fabric collection and 'helping' his mama more.

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