Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sleepy moving

Well my little boy has 2 teeth now and the sleepless nights continue. He wakes 2-3 times a night and thinks it's morning and starts singing and moving round the cot waiting to be picked up. Usually a brief resettling does the trick thankfully and later in the morning sometimes a bottle is needed. But i can't convince him to go back to sleep anytime from 5-7am. I know for many out there this would be when you start your day but trust me this is not a house of morning people and previously my bubba obliged and slept till 7-8.30am ish. I'm hoping its just a passing phase but if it's not it will be time for me to learn to become a morning person. Little man is totally worth it but a sleep in now and then would be nice. Anyway enough of the pity party, when i have sleepy days and feel a bit lethargic i like to stay home and potter around. The key to making it through the day is to keep moving so that's what i did. I started the morning by reading this weeks wholefood course notes and recipes. Another yummy round of meals lays ahead. So i thought i'd try out the everyday bread recipe. It's a bit different to my usual recipe, it has a bit of kneading but not much and the result was much lighter and softer. I think i'm onto a winner with this one.

Soft and flavoursome it was yummy for lunch with a spread of hummus. After that i moved onto making some passata which is something i've been meaning to do for ages with our abundant tomato crop. First to pick the tomatoes.

Excuse the grass from where a few hit the ground on the way in as i was running from the rain. Then to find some trusty instructions on how to proceed. A quick search turned up a great tutorial by Christine at slow living essentials. So onward to bottle boiling and tomato simmering.

Then some serious elbow grease to press the tomatoes through a sieve.

Then onward to complete the bottling and admire my handiwork. I know i'm not the only one who enjoys staring longingly at fresh preserves.

Ah glorious red jars. Now to work out what to use them in..... hmmm soups, stews? I know i'll come up with something.
Take care people xx

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