Monday, 27 February 2012

Tea dealer

It's official i have a dealer, but its the kind of dealer that confirms my status as a 30 something, crochet loving nana in training rather than a rebellious party animal. I have a tea dealer. No she doesn't just sell tea she is a connisseur of all things tea. I knew this from my first discussion with her where she asked which region of tea did i like, what time of day would said tea be drunk and went on to discuss notes, fragrances, and flushes. I thought i knew tea, turns out i don't. I'm a newbie to the world of talking about tea like you do wine but i can't have it said i won't rise to a challenge. So welcome to the newest babies of my tea collection a sampler pack of darjeeling teas from different flushes, a floral earl grey and a English breakfast tea. All babies are being treating with tender loving care and brewed to perfection.

Fresh, slightly smoky with a full bodied, robust flavour (see! rising to the challenge) it was a nice cup of tea but different to what i'm used to. I think i need a few more cups to make up my mind about this one. It seems to get better as i drink it and being organic and fair trade it's light on the conscience too.

Served with a side of dried strawberries, almonds and a piece of rose chocolate tonight for a comforting, luxurious end to the day. Take care people xx

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