Thursday, 23 February 2012


This week i have really had the feeling that autumn is on it's way. We had a few terribly hot days followed by heavy rain today. Even when the weather is a bit all over the place i still enjoy the variety living in the New Zealand climate brings. While it was raining today i was thinking longingly about wet cold days tucked up inside with a warm roaring fire watching the rain through the windows. So in the past few weeks with autumn coming upon us i've started packing things away for winter. Preserving carrys on with tomatoes on the agenda this week. But today was time to pack away some herbs i've had drying for winter cooking and infusions.

Thyme, Sage and Calendula were packed into jars and into the newly tidied pantry. Sage and Thyme are good for cooking, but Calendula and Sage are also good for infusions. I love Sage infusions for a sore throat they are nothing short of magic. There is still a lot more drying to do so i'll be out with the baskets on the next fine day to do a bit more picking so i can squirrel plenty away for winter. Are you doing any preparing for winter? Until tomorrow, Take care people xx

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