Thursday, 9 February 2012

Whole food heaven

Well, well what a week! I was so tired after the last 2 days as i have returned to work part time. It was great to be back and using my brain again and my little man had a blast with his carer, going to the park and playing with other kids he was all smiles!
Trying to get organised every day must have looked like one of those three stooges skit, im so glad no-one was watching! I can only assume it gets easier to organise myself plus one but for now its joyful chaos coordinating breakfast, bottles and prepping for the day. But we made it out the door both days fully dressed and fed so that's enough for now.
On another front my wholefood course with Heather of beauty that moves started this Tuesday ( Monday in the US) and last night after work i got to start reading the weeks module and trying out some recipes. What a treat this is, being dedicated meatatarians our whole lives myself and the better half were a bit anxious to see how it would work for us. In saying this we both grew up with the meat and 3 veg type meals where the vegetables were boiled to a colourless, tasteless mass, so the fear of vegetable only meals is well grounded. We had nothing to worry about and as it was we started with a meat dish anyway - chicken and spinach stirfry with soba noodles.

Fresh, fresh, fresh the flavours were amazing.

Then i put some almonds on to soak to make almond milk last night and today i finished making the milk.

                                                    Straining the almond meal after blending

I didn't know what to expect having never tried it before. It's unusual but i think it would be super tasty in a smoothie.

Now i'm looking for a good recipe to use up the excess almond meal.

Then today i made the raspberry oat slice (with a few stray blackberries thrown in), this has to be the most divine slice i have ever eaten. It's gonna be hard not to eat all of this. Must not look at raspberry slice or i'll fall prey to it again.

Pina Colada smoothie, i'm not a big smoothie fan but thought i'd give this a go. It's nice but not really my thing.

Lastly tonights dinner was Kale, caramalised onion and pineapple stirfry, so so tasty i could never have imagined it was so easy to make truly delicious vegetable based meals. I actually made chops to go with this but it was so good i forgot to eat them. I'm sure the other half with take care of the extra chops.

So that's me for the day, i'm hoping to get some crafts done in the next few days to share with you but we are heading into wedding season around here and don't have a free weekend till next month. Anyway i'm sure i'll sneak a few minutes in to work on something, i'm dying to try a beginners crochet pattern i've found. I learnt to crochet last year but have yet to actually make something so that will be the next challenge.
Till next time, take care people

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