Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pantry expedition

Today i went on a journey to the depths of the pantry, thankfully it wasn't as terrible as anticipated. I still have a deep seated fear of the pantry after the exploding grapejuice incident of 2011. Note to self don't store home squeezed grape juice in pantry for extended periods. I think kaboom probably sums it up, its funny now but it certainly wasn't when i got up at 3am to feed my newborn son and innocently wondered what the liquid was coming out of the pantry. In my sleep dazed state i couldn't make sense of the carnage all i knew was there was purple wine smelling sludge on every shelf and shredded bags of food everywhere. I did what any sensible new mother should do and shut the door and ignored it till the next day. Thankfully today there was no purple sludge and i had had plenty of sleep! So for the before shot.

Not too bad really thanks to an extreme bout of nesting 8months ago, but still cluttered and hard to find things. Lots of things unlabelled or in the wrong jars just makes things harder and more frustrating. This week on the whole food kitchen front it was time to get organised and sort out our kitchens so this was the first step for me.

Shelves reorganised, containers tidied and labelled and looking oh so flash. It really must be a sign of how my life has changed that my clean, tidy pantry makes me feel so happy. It makes me want to cook more so after braving the pantry i even had a bit of time to whip up some black bean veggie burgers for dinner.

Filled with nuts, seeds, spices and herbs these patties were so delicious! On a fresh bun with salad and homemade tomato relish it was a great way to finish the day. Sorry there is no cooked and in burger photo, what can i say they were good! We ate all but one which is earmarked for my lunch tomorrow.
Next stop is my plan to clean out my tea cupboard, yes you heard me right i have a tea cupboard. So expect a few more tea posts in the future.
Take care people xx

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