Sunday, 19 February 2012

Eating a rainbow

Roasted rainbow veges with a honey dressing for dinner tonight. So yummy and prefect to serve up with a side of roasted lamb. Followed by a glass of iced red rooibus tea with sliced lemon, it was a nice way to end off a busy weekend.

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending a good friends hen's do. I haven't been to many of these before so i never know what to expect. What a riot it turned out to be! Competitions involving fencing ( as in the electric kind), Croquembouche (profiterol towers) making, scrapbooking and movie making made the day a laugh a minute! Oh my the movie making took me back to my high school days although in those days i would have run for the hills at the very mention of drama. I am much braver these days and enjoyed the challenge despite a few nerves. Our challenge was to do a skit offering marital advice in the theme of one of the brides favourite movies Happy Gilmore. A few mullet wigs, bad golfing outfits and somewhat suspect acting attempts later and we were in hysterics. It was definately a great day all round, and destroying and then eating the profiterol towers was a great way to end the night.
Well people i better sign off for the night, sleep is calling as it seems to a lot since having my little boy. Maybe just a few minutes for a cocoa and a couple of dried strawberries is in order first. Take care people and hopefully the craft drought will ease up soon and i'll have some projects to show you all.

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