Sunday, 26 February 2012

Summer breeze

Finally a crafty post! Not the one i intended but crafts none the less! This is a sampler quilt i started working on well, honestly about 2 years ago, maybe more. Its one of those UFO's that has been hanging around looking at me and maybe me feel slightly guilty every time i opened the cupboard and saw it. But no more! Now it is adorning my couch. It probably will find another home at some point but with all new projects i just like to look at them for awhile before they may there way to their final home.

 Don't the colours just feel like summer? light, airy, bright and happy, i'm loving it right now and it's nice to have another project completed.And just to share what was happening on the food front today (hmmm starting to notice my obsession with talking about food! hehe i know i'm not alone on this!) i had a lovely slice of oat and apple breakfast cake and finished the day with some sweet and crunchy homegrown sweetcorn.

Breakfast cake is an awesome concept, i mean how can a cake made to be eaten at breakfast be bad? Its more wholesome and filling than a usual cake but has deliciously delicate spices and chunks of juicy apple, just perfect, although in truth it has turned into a breakfast, lunch and dinner cake. Hehe yummy

Good day.
Take care people. xx


  1. Wow, your quilt looks stunning, Racheal! Loving those prints..are they Robyn Pandolph?

  2. Thanks Christine! Yes i love it too, the prints were a miss match of scraps with a few purchased pieces so im not totally sure which fabrics they are. Robyn has some beautiful fabrics though doesn't she?