Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snuffle tea

I would love to say i call this tea snuffle tea because its makes it easier to get into my son, but the reality is he's way to young to care or even know what tea is. It's called snuffle tea because i think it's so damn adorable and calling it that makes me smile even when i'm sick. Snuffle tea is a mixture of dried elderflowers and lime blossoms, and yes it is as good as it sounds. Both elder and lime flowers are traditional remedies for treating the symptoms of colds and flu's. I find they help reduce a runny nose and the feelings of congestion and generally reduces the feelings of hayfever too. As an added bonus lime blossoms also have relaxing properties.

                                                                  Dried Elder flowers
                                                               Dried lime blossoms

When i have a cold i add 1 T of each dried herb to a pot with an infuser and cover with about 2.5 cups of boiling water, cover and leave to steep for 10mins. I then drink it throughout the day hot or cold. These herbs have a surprising distinct flavour, tasting of honey with light floral notes. Just so you're not surprised it doesn't taste anything like lime, the flowers have a completely different flavour. This is also a wonderful tea for children and because of its pleasant flavour tends to be readily accepted. I dilute it down for children under 5 to 1 part tea to 3 parts water, so for example 1/4 cup of tea and 3/4 cup of water. It can be used as a substitute for cordial and is good for them too. I'm going to try my little man out on this tomorrow and i'll let you know what he thinks. For now i think it's time for me to put my feet up, have a rest and a cup of snuffle tea for my snuffles. Take care people.

*Disclaimer -this is purely my experiences and is not a substitute for medical advice, especially with children please consult your medical professional for specific advice.                                             

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  1. The name snuffle tea makes me smile too :) Going to have to try this one.