Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunshine and church bells

So i'm back from my wedding weekend and as expected it was a beautiful wedding. The bride wore a stunning dress of the palest blue covered with white lace, it really was spectacular. The sun was shining and family and friends came together and you could feel the love. The bride never stopped beaming and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. lovely, lovely, lovely. My little man did well too and managed the reception with only a little bit of squealing and before dinner i took him for a long walk in his pram so he could sleep. It was a lovely walk and i took lots of photos along the way of roadside wildflowers and weeds. They are slowly becoming my favourite thing to photograph. Heres a few of my favourites.
                                                 These flowers remind me of snowflakes
                                           Wouldn't this make a stunning embroidery?

  No there wasn't any wind the trees just grow like this and remind me of something out of a Dr Seuss book.
Having to be away from the wedding to care for my baby had it perks as you can see. On the downside i foolishly forgot to put on sunblock and if your from NZ you will understand how silly that was given i was outside for over an hour. If you not from NZ i can tell you that 15mins in the sun is all it takes to burn here, so my back is rather burnt and i am almost bathing in aloe vera gel trying to soothe it. Oh dear, i may be older but it seems not always wiser!
Have a great week people, i feel a tea review coming on. xx

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