Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Whole food for a whole life?

I've often wondered about how and what we eat relates to how we live. Is food just food or is it a reflection of who we are and how we feel about ourselves? Doing this wholefood course has provoked a lot of thought about what i eat and what impact that has on my life. Is the food i'm eating nourishing? Is it right for me? Does it give me pleasure? How do i feel when i eat different foods and do i even like what i'm eating?

It's definately been more challenging than i expected. The food has been amazing and even though i thought i was quite a good cook it's made me realise that i've been stuck in a cooking rut as i'm sure many of us are. I've become so used to the way i eat i barely noticed if it has been right for me and my family. I have always tried to cook healthy meals but how does the food actually suit us and our lives? Am i making sense? For example since i've be paying attention to my food more i've realised that i feel unwell after breakfast every day. I've been eating mostly the same breakfast for years and have never even noticed this before. But now i realise that it's just not right for me at this place in my life. So i'm on the hunt for a new breakfast and stepping away from old habits that no longer work for me.

There is something truly relaxing and peaceful about making meals from scratch. Cleaning the vegetables, rinsing the beans and mixing the ingredients together is almost meditative. Pure, simple, nourishing food. No packets, no wrappers, no artificial flavourings, no preservatives. Just REAL food that is good for you, makes you feel healthy, brings you joy, makes you smile and nourishes your body. Shouldn't everything in life make you feel like this?

Nourish yourself this week, feed your soul and remember to smile. Take care people xxx

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  1. I'm hearing you....
    You certainly do feel so much better when you are aware of what you are putting into your body, I am mindful of it everyday, especially when I pack the kids lunchboxes, I feel so much better even giving them a home cooked biscuit rather than a store bought variety, just knowing what goes into it! I wish I didn't have to buy anything in a packet, unfortunately at the moment I am relying on way too much of it!!! :)