Sunday, 2 September 2012

Slow living - Month 8

Linking up with Christine at slow living essentials again this month.

What a month this has been, a lot of sickness has been around this winter but i think i can say we are all finally coming out the other side ( touch wood). With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer i can feel spring in the air and with it comes a long exhale. The warm weather and sunshine feels so good after a long winter.

So to review this month.

{Nourish} - Lots of baking and delving into old recipes for 'Sibyl's biscuit tin' has renewed my interest in good basic, baking. Making delicious simple baking with minimal ingredients and good techniques. It has also given me a chance to think about the details of cooking and why we do certain things such as creaming, whipping and sifting. I think the jubilee scones have been my favourite this month. There was also cheese and play dough to round out the month.

{prepare} - It was all about the apples this month - apple paste, apple syrup, apple sauce and apple jelly. I was also lucky enough to try some truly delicious picked onions. Not something i have eaten a lot of, but oh my, i think that will all change once i get this recipe.

{reduce} - We have been making more effort this month to add as much to the compost as i can. Every peeling, tea bag and carrot top as gone in the compost bucket. This month i'm also joining the 20 day organise and clean your home challenge with the organised housewife. I think it's just the inspiration and motivation i need to get this spring cleaning started.

{green} - After some rather hefty power bills we have been more aware of the power we are using. Turning down the thermostat on the heaters and putting on a jersey. Using the fireplace with some of last years wood to make the place more cosy. Turning off lights and avoiding using the drier as much as possible.

{grow} - The first batch of seeds have been planted and little seedlings are busy growing. This year we have going to grow more heirloom tomatoes, capsicums, basil, parsley, dill, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatillo's will ensure a range of tasty meals come summer.

{create} - Things have been a bit quieter on the crafting front this month. I have been quietly working away finishing off some binding on a large quilt and planning new projects. This week my craft group is coming together for us all to learn how to make some cute baby trousers. A few UFO's are waiting in the wings for the final touches as well.

{discover} - I have just today picked up a copy of the book - Handmade Beginnings  by Anna- Marie Horner from the library. This book has been very popular in blogland where everyone seems to be making quick change trousers like these ones from retromummy. I can't wait to give them a go for myself.

{enhance} - Craft group continues again this month and i have an outing with some friends coming up to go to the big quilt and craft fair. Fun fun and possible a little bit of shopping...

{enjoy} - We just had a wonderful week away with my family in Hawkes Bay. It was wonderful for Cohen to spend some time with his cousin, grandparents and aunties and uncles. It was tough coming home on our own but we were welcomed back by many good friends. Did i mention the craft fair? Yay crafts!

See you all next month.


  1. I love reading how you are enjoying the coming spring. I'm feeling the same way about fall.

    You remind me that I need to be more diligent with our composting as well. It's so much easier to toss in the trash than to go outside and across the yard to get the trimmings into the compost. hmmm.

  2. Are they the jubilee scones pictured? They look delicious!

    I'm a big stickler for putting things in the compost..I think I've even overcome the (completely unnecessary) feeling of embarrassment I had when my mum was over one day and asked why we had tea bags in the garden beds! Have a great month, Racheal.