Monday, 10 September 2012

Loving.... Grateful.....

My Monday night ritual to reset and start the week in a good place. Feel free to join me and tell me what you are grateful for in the comments. 

That i have a quieter week ahead and our routines can settle back to normal.

~ for a very clean kitchen and bedroom, thanks to the 20 day cleaning challenge.
~ for some quality time and some rare cuddles with my boy (even if he is a little sick.
~ for new crafts and supplies to keep me inspired.
 ~ for having a wonderful partner who gave me some time and space on the weekend to attend the craft fair and learn some new crafts.

Lovely isn't it? and so easy to make.

On another note a friend has set up an event to remind people to be a little bit kinder in thier everyday lives. For 1 week she's asking that each day we do something nice for someone else and say something nice to one person. On day seven you need to do something nice for yourself and give yourself a kind word. A lovely idea and a reminder to be kinder to people.
For my act of kindness today i took a packet of chocolate biscuits for the staff when i headed to the doctors.
It's not to late to head over and join.

You never truly know the affect you have on other people through your actions and word.
Be kind.

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