Friday, 28 September 2012

Recipe hoarding

Wow another week zooming by. This week has been filled with babies, baking and a bit of housekeeping. I've been trying to keep up with the organised housewife challenge but i just can't do it all. That woman is a legend if she can keep up with that sort of schedule but it just isn't me. I have still been plodding along but i'm only up to day 7 and i and i find each day's challenge takes me 1-3 days. And work days are a write off just trying to get through the basics.

Anyway this week i have managed to start printing and organising my recipes from the online wholefood kitchen and 30 day vegan workshops i did earlier in the year. I feel like i'm rediscovering it all again and have decided as i make or remake each recipe i'm going to write some notes on the recipe about how it was. Am i the only way who tries a recipe and then can't remember if it was good, or did i use this recipe or that one? So now i just write straight on the recipe so i never forget.

As part of the organised housewife challenge this week i decluttered my recipe books. Which looks great but i am now left with a huge pile of recipes written on scraps of paper or pulled out of magazines to sort. It will feel good when it's done but oh my i'm a recipe hoarder!

I keep myself going my thinking about all the delicious new recipes i can try out. Yep food is good motivation! And think about all the new recipes i will be sharing with you!

Hope you're all having a great day.

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