Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sibyl's biscuit tin - Sponge jam roll

This one was actually made last week with mum's help and thank goodness for that as today was a rather trying day with the 1 year old. At the moment his favorite pass time is to whine and hang off my leg, he's been doing it for a few days. I'm not sure why but it is certainly testing my patience!

Anyway back to the jam roll. I love jam roll. Ok so i love food, but jam roll really is a delicious old classic and i had never actually made it - or any sponge for that matter. So while visiting with the family i thought it was a great time to get a lesson. One of mums favourite recipes comes straight off the back of the cornflour packet and has been around for years.

3 eggs 
4 tbsp sugar 
2 heaped tbsp cornflour 
1 dssp plain flour 
1 tsp baking powder 

Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth and add the egg yolks. Add the sugar gradually and beat until stiff and the sugar has dissolved. Add the sifted cornflour, flour and baking powder. Place the mixture into 30x 20 sponge roll tin. 
Bake in a moderately hot oven, 180C (350F) gas, 215C (425F) for 15 minutes. 

So here are the eggs whipped to a stiff froth.

Add in the sugar and whip, the mixture takes on a lovely glossiness. Mum told me that to know if the sugar has dissolved tap the beater against the bottom of the bowl, if the sugar isn't dissolved you can feel obvious grittiness under the beater.

Gently fold in the flours, don't 'mix' or you will the lose the air in the sponge and make it flat.

Pour into a sponge roll tin lined with greased baking paper.

Smooth out gently.

All baked.

While still warm turn it out onto another piece of baking paper and peel away the paper it was cooked on.

Gently roll in the paper.

Leave to cool. Cooling it in a roll will make it easier to roll later and less likely to break when rolled.

When cooled unroll and smother with jam (and cream if you like)

Re-roll gently and dust with icing sugar. If the roll cracks when rolling just put that bit on the bottom and no-one will know. That's what i did!

Beautifully light and delicious. This will be a perfect super for craft group one night i think.

Take care everyone.


  1. Looks amazing! Yum. Shame I'm trying to lose baby weight for a wedding in six weeks. Eliza

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yep it was pretty yummy. Baby weight is certainly hard to shift, these little ones are so precious though aren't they.