Friday, 7 September 2012

Quick change week

Wow what a busy week it has been with almost a full week of work this week and a conference to top it off.  Only 1 day to go and i will be so grateful to be finished. The last few days has made me so grateful that i only work part time and can stay at home with Cohen most of the week. I've felt like it's been a week of rushing around with few moments to pause and enjoy time with my boy. Hat's off to mum's who can work full time and still have a good work life balance, but it's certainly not for me!
In the midst of the busy-ness i did manage to find a few moments at night to work on my first pair of bloglands favourite - quick change trousers. And last night at craft group i managed to finish them off and help a couple of the ladies sew some as well.
Aren't they adorable? I see more pants in the future.

The other half called them pirate pants and i reckon he's right on the money with that!
Things that didn't get done this week - the 20 day cleaning challenge.

I knew i probably wouldn't be able to keep up and i stumbled on day 1, completing many but not all tasks. It was just too much to do this week but i'm excited to continue with the challenge over the next week.

In my house extra cleaning loses to craft! 
take care everyone

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