Sunday, 9 September 2012

Better late than never - Day 1 with the organised housewife

Yes i have finally started the 20 days clean and organise challenge with the organised housewife. It's nearly a week late but at least everything is a lot quieter and i actually have a hope of completely each days challenges.

The before pic.

In my defence i hadn't done any of my usual cleaning when i took this, it's not usually this bad! Plus fresh baking on the bench and no dishwasher to hide dishes makes everything look worse.

After pic.

Completed days tasks. The windowsill will look a lot less cluttered in another week when the seedlings all get transplanted but at this time of year it's the best place for raising them.

So another week due to start and unfortunately a sick boy again! grrr when does it ever end, roll on the warmer summer months and less colds.

Wish me luck and a cleaner house!