Monday, 3 September 2012

20 days to organise and clean your home challenge

I've been thinking lately about the need to spring clean,thinking.... not so much doing. I find it is easy to get overwhelmed with such things when keeping up with the day to day chores and my little man keeps me busy enough.
So when i read about the organised house wifes challenge i thought this was just the push i needed.

I'm a little bit behind in the program and only just signed up yesterday. The program started today but i'm still working through the pre-challenge tasks. I really couldn't have picked a worse week to start this kind of challenge as i have a very busy week of work ahead of me. But i'll do my best to do a bit each day and play a bit of catchup next week.

So today i started on the pre-challenge tasks.

Task 1 - organise binder for printouts and lists - in progress

Task 2 - Put together a cleaning kit - I already have my cleaners and cloths all stored together. I'm just going to put them together in a bucket to make them more portable.

Task 3 and 4 were all about routines -morning and evening. I have to be honest, the idea of writing down a set routine makes me feel stressed. Before i had my son i was an intense planner, having every step of my day organised. Needless to say a small baby doesn't care about your plans and i found myself stressed and miserable trying to keep up my old pace. So i dropped the strict, set routines. I still have a routine but i keep it in my head, flexible and ever changing. It makes me feel better to work that way so that's what i'll keep doing.

Task 5 - Write a goals list - so here it is using the organised housewife template.

(Please answer these questions in the comments below, replacing the blue words)
  1. I want to feel Relaxed and Calm while I’m at home.
  2. I want to spend more time  Engaging with my son and enjoy the little moments.
  3. I want an area of the home where I can Relax and reflect.
  4. I want to organise My bedroom dressers.
  5. I always lose Sewing equipment!! unpicks, buttons, threads........
  6. Something that I don’t need anymore , but am having trouble parting with Jewellery.
Also she recommends some sorting boxes for -
- donating
- keeping ( but not sure where to put it yet)
- sell
- rubbish

Good idea, tomorrow i'm going to dig around the shed for a few boxes and then i'll be ready to start. Wish me luck! and a cleaner house!

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