Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sibyl's dinner plate?

Ok not really! Yesterday the only baking i had on my mind was from the amazing whole food workshop by Heather over at beauty that moves. I did both her online workshops earlier in the year and they were amazing. I did the workshops to improve my vegetable cooking and give me a bit of inspiration. I got so much more than that. I think she is starting another one shortly so if you want to learn how to cook some amazing healthy meals head on over.

One stand out recipe was her raspberry oat slice. I can't describe how good this is but i can assure you it is the tasiest berry slice i've ever had. So yesterday i whipped one up for the family.
But sorry i am teasing you all about this because Heather's course is a paid one she requests recipes aren't shared on blogs and i respect that. So nothing to share from Sibyl's biscuit tin yesterday.

Instead as a bit of a trade off, i thought i would share one of my favourite easy dinner meals - teriyaki beef. Teriyaki sauce is so simple it's embarrassing and it is just as good and in some cases much better than the bought one.

Teriyaki Beef

2 T sake
2 T sugar
2 T mirin (sweet cooking wine)
4 T soy sauce

Mix together in a bowl. That's it. That's the sauce. Easy.

Fry up your meat ( chicken, beef and pork are all good).
Add one chopped onion.
Once meat and onions are cooked pour over the sauce and simmer until it thickens and caramelises. This can take a little while but makes it all delicious and sticky. Yum yum.

Serve on rice and veges. I love a fresh coleslaw on the rice, topped with meat and a small dollop or mayonnaise. I know it sounds weird but go with it!

A few sesame seeds on top are nice too.
Have a great day everyone.

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