Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sweet and crafty

Last night was one of those peaceful, quiet nights where you get to take a deep breath and truly relax.
Dishes were done, the baby was asleep, house was tidy enough, washing was sorted, dessert was warnming and it was time to put my feet up.

Blueberry peach crumble with nut cream, oh my just divine

and certainly didn't last long!

The newsletter from my favourite quilting store arrived today and i was so excited to read it i decided to savour it at the end of the night over a hot cocoa.
Grandmothers garden is a local quilting store. It is a huge shop and has the most amazing stock and displays. It is a quilter's dream. If you've never heard of it head over and check out their website they have an awesome online store too. It was a great read but now i have the decision to make of what block of the month to do next. 

Lynette's In full bloom

The Generals wife - but with a slightly different colour combo seen here.

or McKenna Ryan's Bella Garden

Bella Garden by McKenna Ryan

They are all so lovely in there own way! Hmmm more thinking. Bella garden is pretty special though.

And there was even a little nut cream left for me and the little man to add some to our porridge this morning. Yum yum. He was pretty keen, can you tell?

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