Saturday, 21 April 2012

Black market (Marmageddon)

If you live in another part of the world you may not have heard, and admittedly may not care, about the marmite shortage in New Zealand. The NZ marmite factory was knocked out of action when the Christchurch earthquake struck last year and supplies of our beloved marmite have now run dry. A friend of mine named it Marmageddon which is pretty accurate if you ask me. Check out this ad, it's hilarious. The guy is an ex NZ rugby coach and Buck was a popular player who had a campaign started called 'Bring back buck' when he left the team.

So if you've never heard of it marmite is something most kiwi kids grew up on and we have very fond feelings for the black stuff. If you were from overseas and met marmite you may not love it so much.
This black savoury yeast spread is not pretty, and although i love it, i have to admit it is probably an acquired taste. Amanda Palmer, a musician from America, called it sadness in a jar and even has a song about it - Vegemite - the black death. (Vegemite is a similar but inferior product). People who eat marmite are very loyal to thier version!

The funny thing about the marmite shortage is the lengths people go to to get it. It is selling online for hundreds of dollars a jar! Me? i resorted to my old tactics of bribing family members. I must say though i did have to laugh when my nephew from out of town dropped by with a marmite delivery on his way through, and my niece mailed me single serve sachets of it from her work. Lol desperate much? At this rate i may just make it till July without having to resort to the evil's of vegemite.
Stay Strong New Zealand!!
Wish me luck. xx

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  1. Ah yes, I believe I have heard about the marmite shortage. I've never had the opportunity to try marmite or vegemite... but I do understand the pain...

    We used to live in New Mexico which is a little-known state in the southwest US... yes, even little-known by other Americans. ;-/ The state food is green chile and nearly impossible to find outside of the state (and not in a can). Hubba once traded a canoe for a quart of green chile. :-)

    Now we just make a long weekend during the harvest to ensure we have enough for the freezer. :-)