Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Slow living 2012 - Joining in for April

Well it's been a busy month here and i feel like i'm starting to gain some ground with a few changes i've been wanting to make without getting overwhelmed. Yay for that.

Nourish - My oh my, sooo much cooking has been going on here with the wholefood kitchen course and also dealing with the last of the seasons harvest. Blueberry bliss balls, hot cross buns, carrot cookies, mini muffins for the mini man, bread, bread and something which barely resembles but was supposed to be bread.

Prepare - green tomato chutney and passata using the last of the tomatoes.

Reduce - When i decided to get a bread maker and try making my daily bread i turned to freecycle and trademe for a pre-loved one and was delighted to receive one within a few days.

Green - We have been saving our scraps and building up our compost and we are looking at a new clean heating system.
We are now sourcing a lot of our meat from a local farmer so it is all organic and free range. I'm feeling really good about that change.

Grow - This time of year is the time to clean up and clear away the end of season plants. We are lucky enough to still have capsicums and summer herbs growing still. Planning for the winter and putting in cavelo nera, cauliflower, leeks and broccoli. I'm also getting very excited about our new 'spooky' pumpkins which are ripening. Spookies are the traditional bright orange pumpkins you often see in America made into jack-o-lanterns. I can't wait for them to be ripe, i have never seen one before and i'm hoping i can store it till halloween and try out my carving skills.

Create - Sewing up a storm, finishing off quilts, working on my block of the month and making toy buckets, reveling in the fabric, the feel and the calm.

Enhance - This month at work has found me really busy developing some free health services in my area. I'm so excited to be involved in these projects. I also volunteered to help with work on a pilot health project at work too. I feel so blessed to be in a position to grab opportunities and run with them.

Discover - I am in looovee with my partners kindle. I have always be adverse to digital books, preferring the feel, smell and general experience of a paper book. But the kindle is definitely a good device when you've had a busy week and haven't had time for a library trip and reading from it is actually not too bad.

Enjoy - Enjoying the last light of summer as autumn moves into full swing here.
Loving the wholefood kitchen course and the way it has made me rethink how and what i eat. It has also made me rethink where my food comes from and what is important to me.
Revelling in finding more time for sewing and craft.

Another month has past and i am enjoying the reflection this ritual brings. Adding onto this experience is some goals for life changes i want to make. So each month after the slow living reflection post i'm going to be adding to this with my step-by-step goals for the month ahead.

Thankyou to everyone sharing their journeys each month.
Take care everyone. xx


  1. You remind me that we have freecycle here too... I never think to check there for things.

  2. Your toy buckets are just the cutest things, Racheal!
    You put it perfectly..'finding' the time for sewing and craft. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort but the time is there to be grabbed.

    My hubby recently bought an e-book..and it never seems to be very far from his reach! Definitely a convert, although I haven't tried it..yet.

    Enjoy the month! :)