Sunday, 29 April 2012

Italian renaissance garden

The Italian renaissance gardens at the Hamilton gardens. Beautiful, breathtaking, inspirational.

I look out my window, 
a new day I see,
and only I can determine 
what kind of a day it will be

 It can be busy and sunny, 
laughing and gay,
or boring and cold, 
unhappy and grey.

My own state of mind 
is the determining key,
for I am only the person 
I let myself be.

I can be thoughtful, 
and do what I can to help,
or I can be selfish 
and think just of myself.

I can enjoy what I do 
and make it seem fun,
or gripe and complain 
and make it hard on someone.

I can be patient with those 
who may not understand,
or belittle and hurt them 
as much as I can.

But I have faith in myself,
and believe what I say,
and I personally intend 
to make the best of Today. 

By © B. J. Morbitzer

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