Saturday, 28 April 2012

Maori garden

Anzac day this year was a beautiful sunny day, and while taking a moment to pause and remember those who gave their lives, we also took time to be with and appreciate family. A trip to the gardens and a picnic in the sun was a wonderful way to pass the time with the boy and my parents who were visiting. The Hamilton gardens in New Zealand are stunning and it continues to grow every year. They have different styled gardens including renaissance, tudor, Japanese, Chinese and modernist gardens to name a few and in the last few years they have developed and opened the Maori garden. 

A need a new fence, this would be awesome, but maybe would with a few less pointy bits for climbing boys.

Kumara mounds growing, don't they look lovely? (Kumara is a type of sweet potato.)

What a stunning example of carving, workmanship and gardening. Truly, truly beautiful and a wonderful place to meander if you ever travel this way.

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