Saturday, 14 April 2012


Today was a great day. I started the day with banana oat pancakes and a cup of tea. Then op shopping with my nieces and best friend, sushi for lunch and then a trip with the family to the Armageddon expo. For those who don't know the Armageddon expo is all about comics, superhero's, games, science fiction and fantasy. Ah the geekiness reigned. Everywhere you looked there was people in costumes. If only i had taken my camera! I even made sure i was wearing my doctor who shirt and the baby was wearing his batman one for the outing. Lots of fun and i came home with a new fantasy book to read too.  Aside from that we still managed to whip up a fantastic dinner from the wholefood kitchen course. Orange, balsamic chicken. Ok it looks messy but it was very tasty, especially with a side of the best broccoli of your life. If you haven't tried it already, you MUST treat yourself and make some! Make a whole tray full and eat it with a fork. It really is that good, the combination of broccoli, lemon, garlic and parmesan is really something special.

Followed by a hot cup of homemade chai tea to accompany a planning session for a new project myself and the better half are working on.

Stay tuned for progress on this project. My partner and i have worked on little things before. I'm a crafter, he's a computer engineer and this project is going to use both our skills. It's very exciting and i hope to talk more about it soon once the idea is more fleshed out.

Finishing the day with a sourdough sponge on the go and saturday night sewing and it really has been the perfect day.

Bliss xx

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