Tuesday, 17 April 2012

bit by bready bit

Finally a little bit of sourdough action. Still not a full rise but a bit of improvement and the sour taste was a lot stronger. I made this one with rye and wholemeal flour so i expected it to be a little heavier.

Look there's a few air bubbles in there! It's a start and definite progress, i'll be trying it again in a few days.
Apart from the bread success, today was filled with moments of joy.

~ Smiles and giggles with my son.
~ Rescuing an adventurous boy who's learning to move. It's amazing how they can hold on for so long while hanging off a table!
~ Grateful for my sewing table in the lounge. It makes the room messier but means i can just sit down and sew whenever i like.
~ Wondering when the sewing table and fore mentioned adventurous boy will meet......
~ Enjoying good food and a family full of love.

A lot to be thankful for, thank you for visiting and being part of my day.

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