Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bready nemesis

Without trying to sound overdramatic i think bread hates me. Or if not bread at least my breadmaker does. 8 loaves made so far and only 1 has been barely edible. I wonder if it sits in the cupboard at night plotting new adventurous ways to destroy my bready efforts, tad paranoid? hmmm maybe. I used to be an expert breadmaker with never a failure. I think it's safe to say my pride has been hurt by the giant bread making box. I think it will make a lovely door stop. Bread maker aside, today was supposed to be all about sourdough. My starter finally started and it was time to try it out.

First to make the sponge and let it rise overnight.

 Bubbly goodness was waiting for me in the morning. Good start.
 Then making the dough, this also rose really well but i forgot to take a photo. Honestly it did though!
 Then forming the loaf for the second rise. This is where something went wrong.
 This was 4 hours later and as you can see it didn't rise much at all.
 I decided to bake it anyway as the day was getting away on us. Unfortunately it didn't rise any more. Sigh... bad day for bread. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong whether it wasn't warm enough during the second rising. It was all going so well! On the upside the flavour was very good. I'll be back to try this again.

Luckily the jam biscuits turned out perfectly so all was not lost. Might have to try one or two to soothe my pride. lol. night peeps xx

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