Thursday, 19 April 2012

Orange Peel Cleaner

So following up on one of my mini goals this month i've started looking at natural cleaners. I saw this on a blog years ago and unfortunately i can't recall where but a quick google search showed me it is quite popular. Orange peel cleaner couldn't be simpler, take washed orange peels, stuff them in a jar, cover with vinegar and leave for about a month. Strain and dilute 1:4 and use.

As you can see i'm still in the soaking stage so i haven't been able to try it out yet but my oh my does it smell divine! I have a weakness for a good scent and i'm looking forward to having a natural, chemical free cleaner to use around the house. I think i will add a few drops of essential oils when i dilute it too. I'm thinking either rosemary, lavender or tea tree or possibly a combination. I have fond memories of a natural cleaner a small shop used to make with a combination of those oils in it and my house was never cleaner or sweeter smelling. It was so good i used to want to clean just to use it!
So watch this space and i'll let you know how it turns out. I'm off to read about natural cleaners some more, i need something that is a good scrubber for the bath, maybe baking soda might do the trick?
Take care people xxx
Oh and proud moment of the day - i ran 20mins straight without a break! I don't think i've done that since........ hmmm nope i don't think i've ever done it! Kathryn i got the new shoes and they have made everything heaps better. Thanks for the advice!

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