Monday, 30 January 2012

Wholefood kitchen

So a few days ago i signed up to the wholefood kitchen course that is being run by the very talented Heather of Beauty that moves. It was very timely that i have come across this course now. My beautiful son is now 6 months old and during my pregnancy with him i developed overwhelming cravings for highly refined food and had an aversion to vegetables. I went from eating reasonably healthy foods and 2 salads a day to gagging at the sight of a raw vegetable and wanting to eat processed cheese slices (something i haven't touched or wanted to touch since my childhood). Since my son was born i've been struggling to get my life and eating habits back into balance and i'm looking forward to a new world of healthier more holistic approach to food and eating. There is still a few days to sign up if you're interested i'm sure you won't regret joining us on the journey.

I've taken my first step tonight by putting on a loaf of wholemeal bread on to bake. It's a yummy everyday no-knead loaf that has served me well over the years but which i haven't made for quite awhile. I also diligently took photos of the process to share and have now discovered my camera cable has been left behind from my holiday so i'll have to wait a few days to share my recipe with you all. Take care and go well.


  1. I am looking foward to the workshop as well. I eat way too much processed foods and feel terrible. I think this was the push I needed.

    1. I know isn't it just too easy to eat junk these days. Now i'm at home with my son i'm much more aware of everything ive eating as he's always watching!