Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chestnut and vine month 2

Over the last few days ive had the pleasure of working on the second month of my block of the month project chestnut and vine. It's luscious, autumn coloured fabrics are edible in rich reds, golds and block. It makes me happy just to work with it.

The sawtooth border is made using this strip it fabric and cutting using a 2.5" template (see lower right hand corner). This creates two-toned squares which look like they have been pieced together.
the sawtooth border is then sewed to the edge of the panel i made in Month one . And these gorgeous red vine edges really make it.

All together now and looking amazing, cant wait for next months installment.

Well the baby and i are heading off in the morning for a trip to see my sisters. I cant wait to catch up and let Cohen be spoiled by his aunties and cousins. Have a great week everyone.

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