Friday, 20 January 2012

Brew of the week - Monks blend by tleaf

Am i the only one who sees the name tleaf and thinks of a rapper? Ok, not the most masculine rapper name i'll admit but rather amusing to think about all the same. Anyway another delicious brew this week, one i discovered a few months ago when i went for high tea with a friend for my birthday.

Monks blend by (gansta) tleaf is described as having 'vanilla pieces, jasmine blossoms and earl grey combined with a mingling of green tea'. Sounds pretty good doesn't it. What comes to mind when drinking this tea is a bouquet of flowers, its very fragrant and 'pretty' tasting. I personally can't pick much of the vanilla flavour but the jasmine is quite prominent.

I can imagine sharing this with friends on a light, summer day, or equally it would be nice shared in front of a winter fire. Its a lovely delicate brew and i think it;s nicer brewed for the full five minutes to experience the full fragrance. As nice as it is i wouldn't call it an every day tea, its floral flavour and scent makes it nice on a special occasion but would be too much if you had it too often. In saying that though drinking it can create a brighter feeling to your day and transport you to somewhere more peaceful for a few minutes, which if your dishes and washing needs doing, can be a very nice thing. Or if you do what i did and add a couple of mini cranberry and white chocolate cookies to go with it, even better.

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