Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekend perks

Today was the first day in a while i got to go back to bed for a sleep in while the better half took care of the baby and introduced him to the exciting world of electronic and engineering videos on utube. Im sure baby Cohen appreciated it, i know i certainly did. And my day just kept getting better with the most delicious lunch.

Zucchini fritters with salad veges from the garden with the most divine zucchini relish we made a few weeks ago. And a few added olives and crumbled feta for good measure. Definately a little more OTT than our usual sandwiches for a weekend lunch but every bit as yummy as it looks. Although the zucchini fritters did come out a little mushier than i like.

And given the amount of zucchini and now marrows we are now growing i will have plenty of time to perfect my zucchini fritter skills.

Zucchini's really are a delicious vegetable but they do grow incredibly fast. We have had them fried, steamed, pickled, boiled and stuffed and some nights i dream about how to use up the surplus of zucchini. I wouldn't really be surprised if i woke up one morning to find they had trailed across the lawn and were now making there way in through my bedroom window.

If your like me with excess zucchini i can recommend this zucchini relish recipe. It was really delicious with a nice tang. I did reduce the sugar a bit though to 3 cups of sugar as was recommended in the comments. The finished result was a beautiful yellow/ green relish which is perfect with anything but especially nice on burgers and with hot dogs and sausages. Definately a keeper.

After lunch it was time for playing with the baby before heading out for a very over due date with the better half. All in all a lovely way to spend a weekend. Its days like this it feels good to be alive.

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