Sunday, 22 January 2012

Summer Sunday

There is a degree of irony in this title, as although it is a sunday and is summer, you would hardly know it. Lately its been wind and rain at the height of our 'summer' and about 19-21 degree's C. So it felt like a great day to be inside, cooking stewed apple for the baby, tidying up a bit and making this ahhh, scone.

Well its supposed to be a scone. I intended to make a pinwheel type scone filled with homemade raspberry jam, stewed apple, raisins and cinnamon. All was going well, the scone dough was rolled out and smothered with the filling. It looked delicious but it turned out to be nearly impossible to roll, so there was no way i was going to try cutting it. The result more of a turnover type scone, which doesn't look too pretty but was delicious nevertheless and perfect with a cuppa tea on a slightly chilly summer day.

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