Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bring on the wine (whine)

Some days parenting sneaks up behind me and smacks me on the head. Just when your getting a handle on it, and start thinking im a calm, patient, parent, bam reality hits me. Yes your a good parent but i think i lot of it is luck that my son is so kind to me. Today has been lots of crying, screaming and generally frustration (mostly the baby). But its 5pm so bring on the wine! On a more cheerful note, im very excited about my new quilting project. Im loving the log cabin quilt that Sam at All things quilty is working on. Its beautiful colours and patterns are inspiring and i cant wait to see the finished project. My new project is called chestnut and vine and is a block of the month project im doing through my favourite quilt shop. It has beautiful reds, golds and browns in a style which is beautiful but something i might not have chosen previously. I have to confess i have a fear thats been holding me back, an irrational fear of machine applique but after a few problems ( that may have required 10hours of unpicking... hm.. cough) i have nearly finished my first block and the result is actually pretty good. Just in time for this months block which should be arriving any day. I hope you all get some time this week to do something that makes you happy, and if your week doesnt go so well i hope you have some wine chilling too.

Just need to finish the edging and give it a good iron!

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