Saturday, 14 January 2012

Quilted chestnuts

Its been a busy few days at our house with my little man having had a hard few days with moving teeth. Poor wee fella just didnt know what to do with himself most days and neither did his mummy. So there was lots of cuddling and singing and playing. I did however manage to grab a few minutes at the end of the day to finish up the quilt block ive been working on for the chestnut and vine quilt. Isnt this vine fabric just beautiful! And the finished block shows how lovely it all looks when it comes together. I cant wait for next months installment which should be arriving any day. Im determined thats this time i will actually complete a block each month, rather than store them in the cupboard for months.... ok years!

I also managed to get to the shops for some more sewing supplies for my next project of fabric toy buckets. Its amazing how a trip to the craft stores never finishes with me buying only what i came for! There really is some delicious fabrics out there. I hope you managed to find a few minutes in your day to do something you love too.

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