Monday, 16 January 2012

Brew of the day

Those who know me well know of my somewhat fanatical love of tea. Not any random tea bag but good quality well brewed tea. The smell, the ritual and of course the taste. Luckily for me i have a bit of a collection to chose from so i thought i would share some of my favourite brews for those out there who share my love of tea. Todays brew is Harney and Sons Tower of London tea.

Now first up i must say this is a more expensive tea that i would usually purchase, at $24.95 a tin for 30 tea bags it was a bit ouchy to buy. But i was lucky enough to get some on sale so thought id try it and i can tell you i'm sooo glad i did. Having tried many teas and brands over the years i didnt expect to be surprised by a tea, but surprised i was and pleasantly so. I can see why its so expensive it is divine and that is no exaggeration. It has a mellow smooth taste with a delicate honey and bergamot flavour. So subtle but so delicious. As i'm extremely good at following instructions (ha, yeh right) ill share my experience about brewing this tea.

I usually brew tea leaves but this tea comes in a gossamer type bag which is nice if your having a busy day and don't have a chance to brew a pot. If you try this make sure you brew this tea for the full 5 minutes, i'm a rather impatient person and like to get things done quickly so i'm often tempted to swish it round and take it out early. But not this tea, the flavour changes immensely between 3 and 5 minutes, take it out too early and it won't have those delicate notes which make it so special. And for the price you want to make every tea bag count! I take solace in the fact its still a much cheaper indulgence than other things like my better half's whiskey collection. I think this might have to be a birthday treat each year for me. Oh and let me share the view i had while enjoying my cuppa.

Pretty stunning, aren't they. Courtesy of the better half after our date on the weekend. Lovely to look at and a beautiful perfume to them as well.

I hope whatever you do today you get a few minutes to have a nice cup of whatever you fancy.

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