Sunday, 29 January 2012

Home again, home again

Well i've just arrived back from a wonderful week with the family. Its so good to spend some time outside my usual routine, kick back and relax. The baby lapped up all the attention from his cousins, aunties and uncles. He's such a charmer and couldn't stop smiling and flapping his arms in excitement, right up to the point he would fall asleep exhausted from it all. It was also a great opportunity to introduce him to a world of new things. He got to see and touch ducks, chickens, peacocks, piglets, puppies and kittens. He also got to see a live bee display, its so awesome to see his little eyes light up with interest at something new. They really are precious little people these babies. He also got to try pineapple and melon for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it and we spent our last night away chilling in the spa. On the drive back we were lucky enough to stop in at the NZ body art festival and have a look around, wow some people are talented. It was great to see them all getting prepped for the show later that night, really interesting as i've never seen anything like it before.

So today we arrive home happy, tired and thrilled to be back with the better half (and best daddy). And tomorrow when i catch up on some sleep i'll tell you all about my new project coming up. Take care everyone.

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