Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stitching in

What a weird kind of day. Today started with a migraine and that dragged along the ground feeling that comes with them. I managed to pack up my son and drop him off to a carer before coming home and crawling back into the bed. Luckily the day improved and i had a quiet afternoon doing some baking and pottering around the house which actually felt really good for the soul. Quiet days at home alone are a very, very rare occurrence these days. To top the day off tonight i managed to finish off a couple more blocks from my chestnut and vine quilt.

I'm finally catching up, i had got a bit behind with each months block and tomorrow night is the first of a new craft group im hoping to get going. It will probably be me and a couple of friends and it sounds like my perfect night - sewing, chatting, eating and maybe a nice warm fire going to make it cosy. Bliss xxx

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