Sunday, 6 May 2012


For awhile now i've been thinking i would like a new pinny. I seem to get so much messier these days with a little one around and lately have started wearing an apron while cleaning and tidying up to save my clothes a bit. I have one apron but i've never really liked it. It sits funny as the fabric is so thick and i've been feeling the pull to make one since seeing the apron swap over at Down to Earth. So into the fabric stash i went and came up with this beautiful blue flower fabric. Lol do you like my pattern drafting area? The rest of the floor was covered in toys so i improvised using the hall.

To go with the blue i found this contrast pattern with golds, greens and black. I love this fabric but it is only scraps and i have never found a use for it before now. I'm so excited to finally use it!

Drafting a pattern from my old apron with supervision from my cat, Sage.

A bit of contrast hem.

A handy pocket.

And tada it was all whipped together in no time.
It turned out a bit long so i may yet take the waist up but i want to wear it in a bit first and see how it feels. The photo doesn't do the blue colour justice, it really is a vibrant shade with a slightly silky glean and it feels supersoft. I'm sure my son will love wrapping up in the skirt of this one.

Did i mention how much i love this fabric? I almost turned the apron into skirt halfway through and i do have enough fabric to whip up a skirt too. Hmmmm very tempting.
It will almost making doing housework enjoyable. hmmm well almost.

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