Saturday, 12 May 2012

Autumn glow

When the day doesn't go to plan, we walk. We walk and walk till everything is right again and we are always rewarded for venturing outside with a renewed sense of calm and balance.

We are moving into winter here and the trees are dropping their leaves. But for now a few leaves remain on the trees - orange, red, brown and yellow with a golden glow from the last of the sun of the day. I think i love autumn and spring the most of all the seasons. Autumn brings feelings of moving inwards, warmth, nourishment and a small retreat from the world while Spring brings a feeling of new beginnings, brightness, lightness and a general feeling of being refreshed. My autumn table is full of oranges and golds and it won't be long before it is replaced with the darker colours of winter but for now i'll enjoy the glow.

I wish i had taken a better camera out with me on this walk. It's hard to explain but the air was crisp and fresh and that dark blue sky was heavy with rain clouds while the trees just glowed with golden light of the setting sun. It really was something special and lifted the spirits as did the crunching of leaves as we walked.
Refreshed, revived and reset for the rest of the day.

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