Saturday, 26 May 2012

Chestnut and vine - month 5 and 6

How else to spend a Saturday night but sewing! This is my new small pleasure in life, Saturday sewing nights followed by a Sunday sleep in. Bliss.
Tonight i finished up Month 5 and 6 of my chestnut and vine block of the month project which finally brings me up to date and ready for my last months block in June. These 2 months blocks were worked together and were quite time consuming compared to other months so im glad im up to date with it all.

Making up the different blocks


Sewing on the borders.

All completed and stitched together ready for the last 2 borders.

This has been a really enjoyable project. The fabrics have just been luscious and rich. It has been a real treat working with such beautiful quality fabrics rather than scraps and bits like i usually do. I'm so happy to be up to date and in a months time should have a finished quilt top ready for quilting.
I hope your day was filled with something lovely too.


  1. Wow, that quilt is really coming along... so beautiful!

    1. Yes not long now and while i wait for the last months work to arrive i can dream and work on other craft projects! Bliss.